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Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory software for Warehouse Management and High Volume Multi-Channel eCommerce applications


Centralized Inventory 

Take the guesswork and busywork out of tracking your inventory. Instead, quickly get an up-to-date count for all your products in one place and easily control your stock in multiple locations,

Stop Overselling

With 20+ 3rd party integrations, keep all of your listings' inventory counts on eBay, Amazon, and other selling channels are up to to date.  Updates are made within five minutes of a stock change.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Powerful reporting engine provides many customizable reports to allow you to get the ideal reports to quickly make business decisions.

Warehouse Management

Centralize your inventory across multiple channels and warehouses. Stock changes made in rderhive’s inventory software gets updated instantly to all added channels.

Be EMPOWERED with your inventory by leveraging Finale Inventory

Wireless Barcode Scanning 

Finale has  comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy. It's designed to be a turnkey solution to be installed without a team of expensive integration consultants.

Prevent Stockouts

Quickly create Purchase Orders in minutes. Prevent costly stock outs by setting reordering thresholds for each product. Email Notifications are sent to to remind when it's time to reorder.

Finale integrates with 20+ channels and we are adding more all the time!

We have collaborated with thousands of companies over the years, and the one commonality  is inventory management slightly different for every company.

As a result, Finale is designed from the ground up to be customizable and versatile for YOUR workflow and YOUR processes.  We accomplish this by assigning a dedicated account manager to each account.  Their primary goal is LISTEN to better understand your requirements, provide recommendations, perform any necessary customizations, and train you to how to use and be empowered with Finale with the goal of getting you up and running as quickly as possible.

Best of all, this service is included each paid plan.  
There are NO additional set-up fees, training fees, or other hidden costs.

Training and consulting included.  No extra cost.

Join the thousands of satisfied companies who have used Finale to manage their inventory

 Our business has been grown dramatically over the past few months, and we quickly realized we needed an inventory management solution to get control of our inventory. We leverage ShipStation for order fulfillment and found the Finale Inventory to be a perfect complement to keeping accurate stock counts.

--- Omar Corderro, CEO StrongerRX

Support has been stellar, and there are MANY videos that the creators have posted to YouTube that allow you to quickly learn every aspect of the system. We were up and running in an hour, and as we dived into using Finale we never felt lost or overwhelmed. If you manage a business with inventory and Finale Inventory is compatible with your software, you'd do well to give it a hard look.

--- Michael DiLeo, Owner Sneaky Petes

--- Steve Leffer, Owner Chocoley

Having been on the Finale system for the past year, we have been able to easily integrate our website,  ShipStation, QuickBooks and Amazon for a seamless and accurate management of our inventory across all marketing & sales channels. Prior to using Finale, we were completely in the weeds and had nothing but problems managing our inventory.

The idea of selling in different channels was a pipedream and thanks to Finale, it's not just a desire, but reality. There is no costly software to buy and the customer support has truly been unbelievable.

--- Justin Jackrel, CEO Bintello Scooter

Finale has saved our parts department. What was once a mess from start to finish is now organized. The team at Finale has been AMAZING at helping us customize the program to suit our needs. I have recommended this to every person I know. Simply the best money we have spent on infomation technology in years.

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2 users

1k orders /mo

2 integrations


100,00 items


6 users

5k orders /mo

4 integrations


100,000 items

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8 users

10k orders /mo

8 integrations


100,000 items


12 users

20k orders /mo

Unlimited integrations


100,000 items

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